Isnin, 13 Julai 2015

Job Vacancies at MIROS

Job Vacancies at Institut Penyelidikan Keselamatan Jalan Raya Malaysia (MIROS)

Here in MIROS, we strive to achieve excellence and evaluate our performance regularly to emerge as the world leader in road safety research. We welcome inviduals who are wish to take up the challenge in continuing the excellence of MIROS.

Job Vacancy Series 2/2015

The Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research (MIROS), a statutory body under the Ministry of Transport Malaysia, is seeking for candidates who have qualifications in the relevant field, able to multi-task and work with minimum supervision to fill the following positions:

1.     Social Research Officer (N48)
2.     Research Officer (Q41)
3.     Social Research Officer (N41)
4.     Information Technology Officer (F41)
5.     Publishing Officer (N41)
6.     Administrative Assistant (Clerical / Operational) (N17)
7.     Administrative Assistant (Finance) (W17)
8.     Publishing Assistant (Q17)
9.     Publishing Assistant (N17)

Application should be made through our online job vacancy system at  

For enquiries, please contact our Human Resource Management Unit via email  or give us a call at 03 - 8924 9200.

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