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Jawatan Kosong Di Radicare (M) Sdn Bhd

Jawatan Kosong Di Radicare (M) Sdn Bhd

Majikan :          Radicare (M) Sdn Bhd 
Alamat :           Kelantan Region Level 1 B-C, Lot 1552, Jalan Dato’Lundang, 15200 Kota Bharu
Telefon :          09-7488484 (Mohd Zuhaimi)
Email :   

Jawatan :         Engineer, Electrical/Mechanical (Location : Kuala Krai & Tanah Merah)
Kekosongan :    L = 2, P = 0, L/P = 0
Responsibilities :
•      Maintaining and operating all electrical/Mechanical plant and equipment.
•      Coordinating between Civil/Building works and Mechanical/Electrical works.
•      Supervising and engaging in repair works and the work of contractors.
•      Scheduling preventive maintenance works.
•      Initiate orders for spare parts and the engagement of contractors.
•      Facilitating in the implementing of Quality Assurance procedures ISO9002.
•      Provide training programs on electrical/mechanical safety to hospital staff in the safe operation of electrical equipment and facilities accessible to them.
•      Train tradesman /operators in the maintenance and operation of equipment.
•      Facilitating in the implementation of Health, Safety and Environment procedures.
•      Provide technical and budgetary planning control for electrical services and systems.
•      Plan and manage the replacement, improvement and alteration of electrical/mechanical plant and equipment.
•      Maintain and update the asset register of Electrical/Mechanical plant and equipment and update all mechanical drawings, specifications and manuals.
•      Identify technical problem and react promptly.
•      Ensuring that all relevant laws, statues and regulations are complied with.
•      Undertake other duties and responsibilities as may be assigned by the Management from time to time or as and when necessary for the effective realization of the job-purpose.
•      Degree in Electrical/Mechanical Engineering, 3.00 pointer above and registered with Board of Engineer (BEM)/Institutions of Engineers Malaysia (IEM).
•      2 years experience in related field.
•      Good organizing and communication skills, computer literate.

Jawatan :         Supervisor, Healthcare Waste Management Services (Location : Kota Bharu)
Kekosongan :    L = 1, P = 0, L/P = 0
Responsibilities :
•      Supervise Healthcare Waste Management Services.
•      Ensure high standard of quality is attainable at all times on all aspects of Healthcare waste management services rendered to the hospital.
•      Ensure that healthcare waste management is in accordance to stipulated procedures.
•      Establish cordial working relationship with end users, attend meetings, timely preparation of HSIP and update the documents whenever necessary.
•      Manage the service in-order to bring the deduction in monthly revenue to the lowest level.
•      Manage the timely entry of data into E-Facilicare in order to avoid any deductions on electronic data submissions against CMIS.
•      Provide guidance on safety working ethics, conditions and environment. Necessary precautions are to be taken to reduce risk.
•      Adhere to all branch and company's internal controls, procedures and all external statutory requirements.
•      Diploma or Degree in related discipline, preferably in hospitality management, environmental or customer service.
•      Minimum 2 years experience in related field.
•      Excellent communications skill and able to interact with all level of people.
•      Possess strong leadership, excellent interpersonal skill, high personal commitment and expectation.

#       Interested candidates are invited to write in with detail resume to :

Radicare (M) Sdn Bhd
Kelantan Region
Level 1 B-C,Lot 1552
Jalan Dato’Lundang,
15200 Kota Bharu, Kelantan

Or e-mail :,

#       Application forms are available in Radicare Office at every district hospital in Kelantan

#       Tarikh Tutup : 08 October 2015

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