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Jawatan Kosong Di Wintech Business Systems

Jawatan Kosong Di Wintech Business Systems

Majikan :          Wintech Business Systems
Alamat :           No 1110 T/B Jln Tengku Ahmad Panglima, Block B Tanjung Chat, 15300 Kota Bharu
Telefon :          09-7482323 (Mr. Elwin Khor)
Email :   

Jawatan :         IT Technician
Kekosongan :    L = 0, P = 0, L/P = 2
Kelayakan :       SPM/Diploma/Ijazah
Gaji :               Boleh dirunding
Keterangan :
•      Diploma/Ijazah dalam bidang Computer Science/Electronics/Electrical or Software Engineering
•      Preferable with 1-2 years experience in software programming
•      Proficient in any area below:-
          *Knowledge in digital control system and computer interfaces
          *knowledge in networking like TCPIP and SEC/GEM
          *Knowledge in optic and machine vision
          *Prior knowledge in image processing would be an added advantage
          *Strong interest in mathematics for engineering application is welcomed
          *Database knowledge like database design, SQL commands, SQL Server, MSSQL or Oracle
•      Object Oriental Programming skill with Microsoft Visual C++/C#
•      Must willing to travel abroad whenever necessary
•      Have at least 2 years working experience in IT SECTOR
•      Responsible, dedicated and capable of working under tight working schedule under minimum supervision

Jawatan :         Technician
Kekosongan :    L = 0, P = 0, L/P = 2
Kelayakan :       SPM/ Diploma /Ijazah
Gaji :               Boleh dirunding
Keterangan :
•      To assist in general maintenance & repair of company's/ client's equipments (photostat machine)
•      To work closely with engineers/supervisors in projects involved
•      PC literate is a MUST
•      Possess valid driving license
•      Willingness to learn & grow with the company

#       Please post or email resume to 

#       Tarikh Tutup : 30 November 2015

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