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Jawatan Kosong Sales Executive

Jawatan Kosong Sales Executive

Majikan :          Focus Link Science Tech Enterprise
Alamat :           No. PT 226, Tingkat 1, Jalan Kebun Sultan, 15350 Kota Bharu
Telefon :          09-7419951 (Ms. Elaine Sim)
Email :             focuslink2014@gmail.com

Jawatan :         Sales Executive
Kekosongan :    L = 2, P = 0, L/P = 0
Kelayakan :       Minimum SPM
Gaji :               Negotiable
Keterangan :
•      Experience not neccssary, training will be provide
•      Must be able to communicate in Chinese, English and Malay
•      Must posses own car
•      To sell and promote company products to retailers, Multi-chain stores, F&B operators and multi-national companies.
•      To increase sales revenue and improvement market position in key market segments and establishes good business relationship with customers.
•      Conduct sales & marketing research on competitive vendors

#       If you meet our criteria and wish to establish a career with us, we invite you to email your detailed resume to Ms. Elaine (focuslink2014@gmail.com)

#       Tarikh Tutup : 15 January 2016

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